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Continuing my phone chat with you from two days ago, I need you to work out the following for (film pre-test) so that we have no issues with recruitment at any level whatsoever.

For each of these three types of audiences, I would like to know the following three things:
The per respondent recruitment cost for Mumbai, Delhi and Indore (including break-up)
Time (number of days) required to recruit respondents of each type
If there is any upper limit of sample size, e.g. You can say that we cannot recruit more than 50 of Type 3 in a day, or that we can’t recruit Type 3 in Indore, etc. Only if there is any such constraint you have.
The three types of viewers are:

College Mass Tapori Crowd – This is the type of people we end up getting at a lot of our film test screenings. These are people who pay 90-100 (max 120-130/-) for their film ticket. They can’t speak good English, they are from mid-range to low-range colleges, they stay in lower class societies, some even in chawl. These are the single screen type of people, even if are going to multiplex, they go to lower class multiplexes, not the good ones. No branded clothes. I’d say 60-70% of what we get in our screenings are these. This is where the concern is coming from – we don’t want only this, sometimes we don’t want this type at all. Now onwards (once we lock this), the brief will say Type 1,2 or 3. It will be a part of the sample plan. That’s why this breakup of costing and timeline is required.

College Polished Crowd – Decent colleges, well-dressed, English fluent, middle and upper middle class, educated families, not tapori but the type of people who go to CCD and good malls, wear branded stuff also, not very rich maybe, but have some class. Ticket price around 150-200/- Looking at their dressing and shoes should tell us whether they are Type 1 or Type 2. Type 1 are more likely to like Emraan Hashmi type of films, Type 2 more likely to like Ranbir Kapoor.

Upmarket Classes – These are the red lounge audience, who pay 250-300 (even 400) rupees, well-off. They will often be 25+ years, not students, so more people like professionals, with decent salary, more than 40-50K per month. Can be recruited through snowballing. Upmarket crowd. Like films like Madras Café. Maybe Dilip can’t get them, then we need to find another route.

Note that in all three options, we need to have regular movie goers, which is already a part of the screener. But still, we sometimes get people who are not regular theatre audience. This suggests screeners being compromised, which is not acceptable. We need to fix this part too.

Next steps: You have the next two weeks to work all this out, so do it properly. I’m back on Sep 20, so I’d like to see all the material once I’m back. Don’t email it. I will let you know when I want to discuss it/ see it.

Let’s get this process right once and for all. Otherwise, we will lose clients because of recruitment concerns.


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